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Paroles de Animaniacs - FRENCH THEME

YW+D: Voici l'heure des Animaniacs

On a disjoncté à max

Soyez cool; soyez relax

Sur le rire pas de taxe

On est les Animaniacs

Y+W : Nous c'est Yakko et Wakko (1)

Dot : Je suis Dot leur petite soeur

YW+D: Pour égayer le studio on a joué les agitateurs

Comme ça n'a pas beaucoup plu

Ils ont bouclé les Warners

On s'est enfui et nous voici pour votre plus grand bonheur

On est les Animaniacs

Dot vous charme; Yakko s'éclaxe (+)

Wakko est super-voraxe (+)

Et Bill Clinton joue du sax'

On est les Animaniacs!

Y'a Minus et Cortex

Qui veulent diriger l'Univers

Les pigeons font du zèle

Rififi pique une crise de nerf

Toubeau poursuit Mindy

Rita déclame des vers

Les auteurs flippent, on jette leur scripts et ça les désespère

Cast: On est les Animaniacs

On a signé des contraxes (+)

Nos folies vous désaxent

Suivez nous pour faire des frasques

Les Animani

Qui sement la zizanie

Dot : Qui ont des drôles des manies (*)

Cast: Aniii-manii-acs!

On s'marre à max

(*) This line changes every show in France, but the one listed is what

Episode 56 has. Another known one is "On boit le thé entre amis"

("We drink tea among friends").

Notes from Jean Philippe Matton:

(+) Words "éclaxe", "voraxe" and "contraxes" don't exist; real words are

"s'éclate", "vorace" and "contrats", they have been changed to sound like


"Y'a" = abbreviation for "il y a" = There is (are).

(1) "Nous c'est Yakko et Wakko"

Yes, this line is quite special. It's spoken French but it's not an error.

It's a repetitive structure, sort of insistent turn of phrase.

Correct French : "Nous sommes Yakko et Wakko"

= We are Yakko and Wakko

Spoken French : "Nous, c'est [se] Yakko et Wakko"

= Us, We are Yakko and Wakko (Mmm, meaningless I suppose)

I write a comma because there's no relation between "Nous" and "c'est".

In the same way, young children often say "Moi, je suis plus fort, nanana!!"

"Moi" and "Je" designates the same person; it's redundant.


It's time for Animaniacs

We're disjointed (slang for crazy) to the max

Be cool, be relaxed

On laughter there's no tax

We're Animaniacs

We're Yakko and Wakko

I'm Dot, their little sister

To cheer up the studio, we played the part of troublemakers

Because it wasn't liked

They locked up the Warners

We ran away and here we are for your greatest happiness

We're Animaniacs

Dot charms you; Yakko bursts (out laughing)

Wakko is super-voracious

And Bill Clinton plays the sax

We're Animaniacs!

There are Minus and Cortex

Who want to run the Universe

The pigeons are overzealous

Rififi has a fit of pique

Toubeau pursues Mindy

Rita declaims a verse

The authors flipped, we tossed their scripts and it's hopeless

We're Animaniacs

We've signed contracts

Our madness makes you disordered

Follow us on our escapades


Who sow discord

Who have strange manners


We're laughing to the max

Transcribed and translated by Jean Philippe Matton, Mike Farren, Ron O'Dell and Brendan


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