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Everytime - UB40 - Cover Up

• Artiste : UB40
• Titre : Everytime
• Album : Cover Up
• Votes : 0
• Note : 0/10
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In a little while Verse One

I'll be on my way

Got no words to express

What I need to say

Every time I think about the first time Chorus

We said hello

You know when you know

You never let go

It's just not my style Verse Two

Something I can't do

After all this time

I'm scared of losing you

(Repeat chorus)

Is there anything Verse Three

You could let me know

Surely you could find me

A reason not to go

(Repeat chorus)

After everything Verse Four

We've been going through

I'm so up and down

So dizzy and blue

(Repeat chorus)

Let me one more time Verse Five

Look into your eyes

I remember when

There were no goodbyes

(Repeat chorus

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