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It's a late night in this town

It's time to move on

And our time, it came and went

Find your coat, find your keys

Find the man of your dreams

And how much money he spent

So set down your drink

You've had more than you should

Your last chance has just come and gone

Well she's gone for the door

And she looks all alone

Let me know what she looks like at dawn

Last call, again

Last call, do you know where you're going

Last call, again

There are lovers and fighters

at 2:00 AM

A big girl named Carol,

Well she just left with Jim

And it's hard sometimes

To make up your mind

They're out in the lot

And she's going down on him

So roll your leg over

Take the bow not the stern

And pray before you begin

'Cause this date's not your mate

And it's not where you're going

But more like where they've been

Slip a beer in your coat

Keep your arms to your side

'Cause going home,

That's a pretty good drive

Keep it under the dash

And watch who you pass

For your first DWI

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