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We were never ever taught to read the fine print
So here we are in ray-bans and illness
We feed each other wild salmon in the park
It tastes so real, I don?t care if it?s plastic

Americana, now it pays to be a cheapskate
Selling greatness by the bottle though it?s water-weight
Sugar-less candy hearts got a mouthful
Just a weekend with the swimmers in the gene pool

In utopia we watched it on the big screen
Pop corn and tears gave me feelings
Then we talked on the phone like dick tracy
Face to face, so crazy

Like a fat piranha, that?s americana

Club owners give us rides in their fast cars
And they talk more shit than the movie stars
They throw out the peas, just the carrots
Then repeating like coke-smoking parrots

Americana in the spotlight
All the magic happens overnight
Smoking hookah, sipping wine with the pinky out
Don?t you see most agree that it?s high-brow

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