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Paroles de Green Day - Prosthetic Head

I see you, down in the front line.

Such a sight for sore eyes, you're a suicide makeover.

Plastic eyes, lookin' through a numbskull.

Self-effaced, what's his face.

You erased yourself so shut up.

You don't let up.

You have a growth that must be treated

Like a severed severe pain in the neck.

You can smell it but you can't see it.

No explanation identified 'cause you don't know.

You don't say.

And you got no reply.

Hey you, where did you come from?

Got a head full of lead, you're a inbred bastard son.

All dressed up, red blooded, Amannequin

Do or die, no reply, don't deny that you're synthetic.

You're pathetic.

Desensitized (Japenese Import Version)

Clenching my teeth tight

My head is like a sponge

Give it to me free

I wanna get ripped off

And drown in the airwaves

Another fatal wreck

On the Information highway

So go ahead and kill yourselves

It all amuses me

For I'll be damned to spend

My life in hell

Another wise ingrete

Bring me blood and pain

of a stranger's fate

Give it all away

Gimme gimme now

I'm desensitized

I wanna watch the bomb

Blow the masses high

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