Neovampirism - Agathodaimon

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Paroles de Agathodaimon - Neovampirism

Grele ginduri, anemie, nocturn complot

Noaptea-I vie, iar o mie de stele

Ma privesc si eu tinjesc la ele

Oglinda-I sparta si in ea se oglindeste tot!

Desarte ginduri, lacomie, in mine tu

Un inger, un demon, un univers apus

Ca Marte de rosu, de moarte sedus

Oglinda-s eu si in ea te oglindesti si tu

Apropie-te, tirindu-te spre sinul natiunii

In somnul calm al nestiutorilor

Se vaita sufletele blestematilor

Ce ca lacrimi rosii se scurg din cupa ratiunii

Sterse pleoape-n adormire

Peste voi, razvratire, iara mie


Eyes I've kept always open, never meaning to see

Your white wings dipping into my crescent agony

I love your bleeding, for it keeps me seeking

And I won't ever cease, cause it tastes like honey

On my wounded lips

For whom was that smile

You wiped off so unpleased

With your indecent fingertips?

Would you bleed for me again

For I adore its pounding on my seared tongue

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