The Jump Off - Wu-Tang Clan


Ladies and gentlemen, we'd like to welcome to you

All the way from the slums of Shaolin

Special uninvited guests

Came in through the back door

Ladies and gentlemen, it's them!

Dance with the mantis, note the slim chances

Chant this, anthem swing like Pete Sampras

Takin it straight to Big Man On Campus

Brandish your weapon or get dropped to the canvas

Scandalous, made the metro panic

Cause static, with or without the automatic

And while I'm at it, yo, you got cash, pass it

It's drastic, gotta send half to Dirty Bastard


Ayo, ayo

Waves is spinnin, blades is spinnin

Slay em in the eighth inning

Stay truck, god stay playin linen

Kill rap, observe the uptowns, ho, feel that

Mink jeans on, seen where the real at

2000 zitos, movin wit a ill ego

For real, for real, ill lines, ill people

Yo, bring it back, 9 more civilians

Pollyin deals, monopoly and bills

Y'all niggas lyin

Caught 300, lab look royal wit a mean stomach

Go broke, all seen, done it

Words from the heavy set

If I don't eat, then we already met

Fly ass bro, liver than coke


Now what Clan you know wit lines this ill?

Bust shots at Big Ben like we got time to kill

Niggas can't gel or I'm just too high to tell

Put on my gasoline boots and walk through hell

Wit 9 generals, 9 ninjas in your video

9 milli blow, semi auto wit no serial

Man metaphysical, I speak for criminals

Who don't pay they bills on time and fuck wit digital

Never seen, smoke a bag of evergreen

My sword got a jones, more heads for the severing

Johnny in the dungeon, takin all bets, throw ya ones in

Scared money don't make money, throw ya guns in

[Masta Killa]-ac

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