All Good Things (A Pooh Perspective) - Valerie Davis

Morning came today without the sun

Clouds were drumming on the land

The rain was singing out her thunderous song

I was trying to understand

Wondering to myself about the darkness in the sky

How many times I've feared

But if I could feel the joy of a tree

I'd share in the rainbow's glee


I'll see the good things in everything around me

The happiness and beauty of it all

So many good things if everyone could find some

Look and try to see within your heart

All good things

Darkness fell tonight without a sound

Moonlight quietly filled the air

Shadows dancing in the trees and on the ground

Sometimes night can make you scared

Trying not to be afraid of things I cannot see

All the times that I have feared

But if I could sing the song of the loon

I'd smile like the man in the moon

Repeat Chorus twice

All good things

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