Voldemort Fangirl - The Parselmouths

Let me tell you,
I?ve seen it done
I?ve seen it done
We?ve seen it done
And being a Death Eater isn?t fun !

Our parents come home, they?re not in good moods
Because they just spent the day with all those Death Eater dudes
Don?t know what they do, but it doesn?t sound fly,
A whole lot of work and a lot of them die.

So I rather not put my life on the line,
If Voldemort asks, I might just have to decline
It?s not personal, what I?m saying is true
Voldy, I?d rather just play fangirl to you.

I?m a Voldemort fangirl (fangirl)
All of the fun and none of the pain
I?m a Voldemort fangirl
I don?t want a dark mark but I?ll tattoo your name
I?m a Voldemort fangirl
I don?t want to join you but I think you?re a delight
I?m a Voldemort fangirl
I?ve already launched a Voldemort fansite !


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