The Bethorian Shrine - Obsidian Gate

Bethor - My dreams thou infest,

thy magick enchants my blade,

my sword from the black meteor

at the drakest hour of night.

Take my gifts!

Bethor - Demon of proud Jupiter,

I kneel to thy black altar-stone.

My legions wait to awake in this night

and by thy blessings, they shall rise.

Reveal thy powers!

I circle the constellation,

devote to the ancestral nightsky.

I release my spirit in thy shine

as the time of thy birth is night.

Hear my cries!!!

Cold-ardent shine of thine,

thou shall inflame the pyre in me

to burn all feelings of the heart

and to render back blood with blood...

Cold-freezing shine of thine,

thous shall awake the powers in me

to darken the sky at day

and to drown the stars at night.

And he came, roaring like a mountain-storm,

a cyclone out of the everblack night,

sweeping fiercely into my warmless heart

that I shall sacrifice to his shrine.

Entomb my corpse in the twilight,

while my soul enters the void,

spill forth my precious blood and set me free...

And thus, chained to the very bloodthirst

growing stronger in each fulmoon-night.

And my call reached the tombs in the moonlight

and they opened by unseen hands.

Grim spirits blessed by the aura of the comsos

rise forth to fulfill my demonic deeds.


Legions of mine, countless spectres,

conquer the lands, conquer all thrones.

Let the sun never rise again

until time devours this millennium.

Fire shall consume all traces I left behind,

but let all who crossed my path remember in fear:

The universe will fall to earth,

and they all will be dead, but I never... dead will be!


The force of m

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