Tears Hope And Hate - Krabathor

Your leave your hands along your body

You wanna take your pain out of your hands

To arrange everything by only motion

.. nothing is so fast.


You want what you don't have

You scream without response

You cry without tears

You fear without fear

Tears, hope and hate

To take a breath again

To give a change to nothing and nobody

You must hurt? Do you want it?

I think it's a law of life

Repeat Chorus

What I'll do will be right

I'll believe the voices of my heart

No other way ... don't be scared

All will end for your pleasure.

Time is too fast

It makes corpese of us by growing old

You have to do something in time

No! I must wait - I'm even scared!

Repeat Chorus

.. And Pleasure!!!

Looking at their bodies

You're diverting your eyes

You loathe their touch

Expressions in the faces

Talk about inner pain

Can their hearts scream for help?

Disgusting human boxes

Someone's hand given them to retirement

It's easy to get rid of something

That you don't want

But they await your help

Disgusting human boxes

Someone's hand given them to retirement

Gods and the games of nature didn't stop

Horrors of life will continue still repeatin

You'll never forget what you have seen

Still you'll hear the crying of those

Who suffer!


Pain that doesn't hurt

Bleeding hearts

Pain that doesn't hurt

Veins filled with tears


Disgusting human

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