OUT ON ME - Glenn Hughes

Can you hear the wind blow?

Can you hear it

Callin' your name?

You don't wanna go slow

You just wanna tell me

I'm to blame

About to lose my patience

You just wanna push me

To the flame

I'm gonna build a big fence

And I want you to know

It's a cryin' shame

I just want to talk to you

But all you want to do is

Take it out on me

(Tell me how you really feel)

Take it out on me

(Tell me are you real)

Take it out on me

I don't want to hear you say that you're reckless

I don't want to hear it anymore

I pray to god to give you strength because you're faithless

But all you wanna do

All you wanna do

Is take it out on me

Now listen to me brother

Can you hear my voice out in the rain

You think about no other

I can see your life is filled with pain

I see you on the pages

Of the weekly Hollywood Gazette

But still your soul it rages

How can you judge my life when you haven't lived yet?

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