Love You More - Eminem

Still love me? Take This (Clocks gun twice)

You ready? One, two, three! (gun fires twice)


Cause the more you, put me through

The more it makes me wanna come back to you

So you hate me? I just love you more

You don't want me, I just want you more

I buy you flowers, you throw 'em at me

I know it's sad but it's making me happy

More that you slap me, more that it turns me on

Cause you love me and I love you more

Verse 1

It's sick but who could ever predict

We be doing the same shit

We say we do it for our baby but we don't

We do it for us it's lust

Cause neither one of us trust each other

So we fuck 'till we bust 'till we cuss each other

Out, we know what it's about SHOUT

'Till I throw you out the house,you throw me out the house

I throw you on the couch, punch you in the mouth

Fistfight 'till we turn this mother out

And apologize after laughter pain

It's insane we're back in the same chapter again

And it's sad but it's true, when I'm laying here with you

There ain't nothing anyone could ever say ever do


Verse 2

Cause I hate you do you hate me?

Good cause you're so fucking beautiful when you're angry

It makes me wanna just take you and just throw you

On the bed and fuck you like I don't even know you

You fuck other people and I fuck other people

You're a slut but I'm equal I'm a mutt we're both people

In our ways but neither one of us would ever admit it

Cause one us would have one up on the other so forget it

We can make accusations people spred rumors

But they ain't got proof so they knew it's just the two of us

It's you and me cause any chick could say that she screwin' me

But you gotta believe me to a degree cause you wouldn't be

If you didn't I wouldn't be hittin' Yeah I would

Cause the sex is too damn good

If I ran who would I run to? It would be this soften womb

So its off and on usually more off then on

But atleast we know that we share this common bond

You're the only one I can fuck without a condom on

I hope the only reason that I cope is cause of that fact

And plus I can bust in that and that's why


Verse 3

I can never understand it that's why I don't try

Open your eyes untill we both die

You silly hoe why must we try is it really so rough

That we must always call each other's Billy Goats Gruff

Try to pull each other's legs untill the other begs

We're lying to ourselves that's the beauty of it shit

Cause we truly love each other that's why we're always fighting

All we do is shove each other every other fucking night

And it's clear it ain't gonna change

These pin up braids we've both had

We both feel like we been out staged by someone else

We've both been with someone else

This is someone else's problem neither one wants help

It's an addiction and it can't be fixed

Our family's mixed up, there's a baby sister in the mix

And it hurts cause the pieces of the puzzel don't fit

And anybody who thinks they know us doesn't know shit

And they're probably just tired of hearing it all the time

On every song every lyric and every rhyme

All the hoop-la all the whoopty-woo

What you put me through fucking whoopty-do

But I won't be made a fool of

If this is true love you wouldn't do what

You did last time you wouldn't screw up

This time cause this time girl I'm telling you what

You do it again I'm fucking you up

No matter what you say

Or what you do

I'm a hunt you down 'till I find you

No matter where you run

I'll be right there right behind you

In your nightmare

So I bought you some flowers

And the candy

All the times that you threw it back at me

So when you hate me you goin' hate me more

When you find out you can't escape me whore


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