Crackers & Cheese - Eminem

I'm pretty sure Eminem was making up alot of words here, plus his flow was bad...

[scratched sample] - "I'm the man!"


I stand in, ??? by the way as i begin

do you know who I am? and may reply with a grin

yes, I'm tired of being ???

why should I be secluded, I got a brand new horn to be tooted

To sum it up in a nutshell, "Eminem will you kick it for me?"

So I find myself in a certain ??depligatory??

A place where I dwell in, ??? for some wonderful productions

to make up for lost time, ????

Finally let loose, unloading the stockpile

a mental projectile, I aim like a reptile

I look to the one handed ??? and ask him this

"Why is it you insist upon stepping to an octopus?"

Is there a reason for this? the hatred is aggravating

how many times will it take you before you realize you're fading?

fading from existence, cause simulations are dead

there's so much more to learn, it pays to step to ????

so put up the front while you jam for the grammar that's poor

while i hold the scrapbook that's heavier than the hammer of the mighty Thor

words can weigh a ton

therefore it's never to fall into the hands of the wrong one

[scratched samples] - "Yeah", "It's another..."


??? a few have made an attempt to put a foot on the other side

but I seen a borderline from under this colorblind

??? probably never hold peices of the sacred

but then I'm finally about to put an end to the hatred

the world would never ??? to arguing

awaking to the abscence of unity is startling

"oh foolish pride, what the hell is you tryin to do?

you cannot beat someone that's better than you so quit trying to"

you act ??? nothing ??? despicable

so how do you think you can manage to kick the unkickable

you're graceless, bland, you're tasteless and you're faceless and

you're dull it's time you faced this, here taste this

straight from off of the pile, one of the numerous styles

the date of my birth on the Earth, the deliverence of a starchild

rest with formidable talent and versitility

but with such a power, there comes a responsibilty

to infridge on the boundaries, so now that your ??? is clear

to form an alliance is something even the giants fear

so instead of being oblivious to the color of skin

refuser abusin it's accepted now it's a trend

[scratched samples] - "Yeah", "It's another..."


You know I don't understand why we all just can't get along

you hate me but you know me and what I stand for

no? so then why do you speak for me

and every other white man when you that we're your enemy?

On the floor lies a broken door, cause I'm not to be spoken for

stereotypes and superstitions and fictional folklore

rarely do you see the lighter side of me

I try to be persuasive but also invasive and try to end the rivalry

but I've ???? apologies are exhausted

feelings are turning ??? now that you be ??defrauded??

so who can I trust after repeatedly being shafted

switch to the opposite, now see it being re-enacted

pull up the ?????????????

these ????? we hate him, these ??? are past us, huh

always fighting for the position of top dog

that spot's already occupied, and I don't play leapfrog

cause I do not wish to fight over territory that's already mine

but I'm always having to proove myself, time after time

Oh how I never understand how a man could be outcast

judged from the past and he's put last

??? with nothing to say, stutterin and slurrin

and mutterin words with no meaning, attack me side I'm like ?????

here I go again hammerin stammerin grammerin

and eat it like cheese, pass me the crackers please

I've got a craving

[scratched sample until end] - "I'm the man"

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