The Sauce - EMINEM

[Eminem talkin']

Its all bad now man, its all bad

But yal done fucked up now

Yeah ha ha, new shit, hey yo

I just want the whole world to know:

That I did not start this, but I will finish it


Comin up it never mattered what color you was

If you could spit then you could spit, thats it, thats what it was

Back when, motherf*ckers was straight back packin

Cypherin, fightin for life in this rap

for the mic to get past and you psyched and you gasped

and you hyped cuz you last and you might whoop some ass

If you lost then you lost shake hands like a man

and you swallowed it, when the unsigned hype column

at The Source was like, the only source of light

When the mics used to mean somethin, a four was like

you were the ****, now its like the least you get

three and a half now just means you a peice of ****

four and a half or five, means you Biggie, Jigga, Nas,

or Benzino I dont think you even realize

you playin with motherf*ckers lives, I dont watched Dre

get ****ed on The Chronic, probably cuz I was on it

Now you f*cked me outa my mics twice I let it slide

I said I wouldnt hold my f*cken breathto get a five

Sh*t I was right, Ida f*ckin died already tryin

I swear to God I never lie I bet thats why

you let that b*tch give me that bullsh*t review

I sat and took it, I aint look at the sh*t we knew

You'd probly try to f*ck us with Obie and 50 too

F*ck a relationship we through

No more Source with street cred, them days is dead

Dre's got A-Ks to dave mase's head

Every issue there's an eight page Made-Mens spread

Will somebody please tell whoever braids his head

That I am not afraid, hes just a f*ckin waste of lead

on my pencil, for me to write

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