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Bwana Dik - Zappa Frank - Fillmore East June 1970

• Artiste : Zappa Frank
• Titre : Bwana Dik
• Album : Fillmore East June 1970
• Votes : 0
• Note : 0/10
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My God, Madge... you voluptuous New York City slit...

Why did'nt you tell me before?

It was so hard to tell with your little blousey-poo on,

but.. now that I see you... I would have helped...

I didn't know you were so obviously.. PREGNANT...

I've got the thing you need

I am endowed beyound your wildest

Clearasil-spattered fantasies, oh oh oh..

Girls from all over the world

Love to write my name on the toilet walls

At the Whisky a Go Go

For I am Bwana Dik

I am Bwana Dik

Me Bwana Dik

Me Bwana Dik

My dick is a monster

Give me your heart

(Chorus line) Bwana Dik is a legend

Enormous thou art!

My dick is a Harley

You kick it to start

(Chorus line) When Bwana Dik speaks

The heavens will part

My dick is a dagger

I'll force it to fit

My dick is a reamer, Baby

To scream up your slit

Steam it! Ream it! cream it

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