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EMPTY ROOM - Man - Unknown

• Artiste : Man
• Titre : EMPTY ROOM
• Album : Unknown
• Votes : 0
• Note : 0/10
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hallo, hallo

Find out all the people

Ask them how they want it

Find out where they're living

Build it in their garden

Make it out of cardboard

Painted plastic windows

Make a door to walk through

Lock it on the inside

Empty like a vacuum

Full of nothing people

No-one ever sees them

Through the plastic window

Take a light inside us

Shine it on the ceiling

Shadows of our image

That frighten little children

An empty room is all around us

Like a world of strangled fears

Too many frightened people

Live there by themselves

Find some yellow curtains

Light the empty fireplace

Polish all the mirrors

Reflect the human body

Paint the walls so brightly

Tell the frightened children

Let them see outside

Life can be such fun

Tell the frightened children

Life can be such fun

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