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Men Of Rust - Everon - Unknown

• Artiste : Everon
• Titre : Men Of Rust
• Album : Unknown
• Votes : 0
• Note : 0/10
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There was a time when we were

As close as hearts can be

Your pain and fear, your dreams and hopes

All that you shared with me

I was just a child back then

As I grew up I had to see

Not all those wishes that we have

Become reality

In all those years of doing nothing

But killing time

Having lost my faith, my strength, my power

Was my hardest crime...

I know that you tried hard to save me

When I was about to drown

But your way of trying to help me up

In fact just dragged me down

You've put me in a golden cage

All luxuries we shared

You hoped I would feel safe and warm

But in fact I just felt scared

After all those years of doing nothing

But killing time

In the end I felt like a prisoner

Of my image you designed...

In a moment of rage I broke out of that cage

Spread my wings and found I could fly

In a moment of pain I broke free from the chain

Much too long I had lived a lie

In the end I just had too much

Of the getting in and out of touch

Of all that moving forth and moving back again

Men of steel turn into men of rust

Before they either bite the dust

Or simply run away if they still can...

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