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More Whitewashing - Chumbawamba - Miscellaneous

• Artiste : Chumbawamba
• Titre : More Whitewashing
• Album : Miscellaneous
• Votes : 0
• Note : 0/10
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Children in school forced to the desk

Finger the atlas and study the text

Lies and opinion presented as fact

Taught to accept, and never to ask

Those smiling workers in Ladybird books

They're not picking coffee at all

They're busy with bricks and mortar

Building the company wall

Flickering pictures hypnotize

We spend our lives watching others' lives

Too much watching to realize

That this is a smokescreen

And this is why people die

Those smiling news presenters

They're not reading cue-cards at all

They're busy with brush and bucket

Whitewashing the company wall

Set yourself up and play it again

Force the tears and entertain

Sing about a world of make-believe

Force this charity and leave

Rich people who claim to know

What's wrong with this world

Can't know anything at all

They're busy giving the orders

For us to build their second homes

Flickering pictures hypnotize

Flickering pictures hypnotize

And we who take the orders

And refuse to question it all

We're busy with spade and Bible

Burying the poor

Burying the poor

Mass-manufactured and given away

Blinkers to get you through your day

So you'll never ever know to what extent you're involved

Easily fooled, all your problems solved

You'll say starvation has nothing to do with you

You saw it in print, so it must be true

And the documentary explained it all

It's a simple matter of birth control

And if you send a little money you can sleep tonight

Or starve in sympathy on a Limmits Diet

And you know that charity cures malnutrition

And hunger put the sparkle back in television

Hunger put the sparkle back in television

Hunger put the sparkle back in television

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